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How Companies Find Knowledge Relevant to Innovation: ifi’s “core ontology” for innovation - 12/30/2013

In an article published in the International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems, Torben Lippmann explains the results of his research activities concerning innovation-led knowledge engineering: the core ontology “InnOnto“.

The availability of data, information and knowledge poses a challenge for companies looking for innovation possibilities in terms of the identification of relevant knowledge coming both from within the company and from outside. Yet, how are potential sources of innovations to be approached? In order to tackle this question, the ifi provides the ontology “InnOnto” as core ontology for innovations in the W3C-standard OWL. It allows target-led extractions from databases relevant to innovations (e.g. from the Internet) and their transformation into suitable solutions for customer problems or tomorrow’s business segments.

The article is available online: "Engineering Innovation-related Knowledge"

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