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"I see something you don't see!" - ifi publication about female (in)visibility in innovation contexts - 02/10/2023

In their contribution to the annual conference of the North Rhine-Westphalia Women's and Gender Research Network, ifi employees Julia Voß and Clara Meyer zu Altenschildesche examine factors that influence the (in)visibility of female innovators and provide an insight into the research work in the project "WE!".

Irrespective of the high importance of innovations for prosperity and social change, there is an underrepresentation of female innovators in areas that are perceived as innovative.
Julia Voss and Clara Meyer zu Altenschildesche took up this result in their contribution to the annual conference of the Network for Women and Gender Research in North Rhine-Westphalia last November.
The article examines the causes and the background for this results and formulates recommendations for action to increase the visibility of innovative women individually and structurally.
Their empirical analysis is based on individual and group interviews, in which both the perspective of innovative women and the perspective of media makers were examined.

The research is part of the project "WE! From the laboratory to small and medium-sized business: Westphalia women inventors. Analysis of the potentials and visualization of innovative women in regional innovation ecosystems", which started in 2021.

You can find the full article (from p. 60 in the PDF) at: