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Project „LOUISE“ just started - 10/01/2018

Our joint research project “LOUISE – Logistics and Innovative Services in Urban Areas, Using the Example of the Emscher-Lippe-Area" is trying to support local retailers and increase life quality by creating innovative business models. Therefore, within the next two years, a new digital platform including a logistic network and a local Online-Trade-Tool shall combine trade, services and logistics. Thereby, purchasing power will be increased and the local economy is supported. New same-day deliveries of local ordered goods offer a big advantage over other online-markets. By using eCargoBikes and E-Cars for delivery, emissions are decreased and the environment is treated with care.    

Our three regional partners “Spedition Rottbeck”, “Stadt Bottrop” and “news-media Druck und Werbung e.V.” help to accomplish this goal and also help with valuable knowledge about the region itself. ”LGI Logistics Group International GmbH” and the “Fraunhofer IML” help as specialists in their field of knowledge.

The project is financed by the Ministry of Energy in the context of the focal point of support “Smart Service Welt II”.


Prof. Dr. Friedrich Kerka
Phone: +49(0)234/915923-0