fair.bee4All: Velomobiles for accessible participation in sustainable individual transport

Initial situation and project objectives

The current effort to transform the mobility sector has so far largely excluded certain parts of society as well as non-profit companies and public institutions. However, bicycle-like transport solutions offer new opportunities for these target groups to participate in individual mobility that is both sustainable and cost-effective. In the "fair.bee4All" project, the process from engineering and assembly to use will be validated together with a pilot customer from the diaconal sector and then standardized. In the pilot project, a vehicle solution will be developed for relevant application scenarios. The vehicles will be assembled and made ready for use in a variety of applications. Based on several already developed prototypes and mock-ups, a four-wheeled, weather-protected, electrically co-driven pedal vehicle in modular design will be further developed to market readiness in the course of the project.

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Helen Kessel
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Michael Roch
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