ZertEx - Certified Excellence Degrees (ZertEx Degrees)

The ZertEx project is a cooperative project of the ifi in collaboration with IHK Nord Westfalen, DIHK-Bildungs-GmbH and HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management gGmbH. With the help of specific courses within the context of higher professional education, the project aims to increase competence in the middle management sector. Participants in various courses of higher professional education will acquire an innovative skill mix.

Access to middle management in SMEs often takes place via higher professional education degrees. While academic education often already prepares students for the digital transformation through various courses, those in higher professional education sometimes lack the teaching of digitization-relevant competencies that are needed to master current challenges. These competencies include, for example, training in soft skills and communication, managing complexity, creativity, and the use of digital tools.

This is where the project ZertEx comes in, aiming to provide an opportunity to acquire these skills. Using a new course concept in higher professional education and training the necessary digital skills, participants will be prepared for digital work contexts back in their jobs. In addition to the acquisition of practice-related skills, the aim is also to achieve a mindset shift among participants regarding digitization. The participants should train to think flexibly and agilely and learn how to deal with digital changes. Furthermore, the acquisition of digital competencies should encourage an increased willingness to innovate, which should lead to the generation and implementation of own ideas in practice. At the same time, the ZertEx courses are intended to make higher professional education degrees more attractive as a whole.

The ifi is responsible for the scientific evaluation of the ZertEx courses during the testing and implementation phases of the project. For this purpose, appropriate methods are selected and developed and the evaluation design is created. Thus, the development of digital competencies and the changes in the participants' mindset are continuously recorded and analyzed.


Leonie Kloep
Phone: +49 (0) 234 915923-62
E-Mail: leonie.kloep(at)ifi-ge.de

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Duration: November 2020 - Oktober 2024


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