Research Focus

Analyzing, designing and encouraging innovation processes

Analyzing, designing and encouraging innovation processes by ifi

Innovation has become one of the most frequently used buzzwords in economic and political debates in recent years. Occasionally, it seems that the expanding rhetoric has become a substitute for real innovation.

Beyond this rhetoric, the ifi investigates how concrete innovation processes can be successfully fostered and designed. Through our interdisciplinary expertise, we actively drive these processes and thus contribute to make technical and organizational innovations economically and socially rewarding.

Our research activities currently focus on the following areas:

  • Analysis and design of sustainable energy and mobility solutions.
  • Analysis and management of knowledge and technology transfer as well as strengthening and making visible regional innovation actors.
  • Testing and evaluating innovations in higher education
  • Analysis and management of organizational change
  • Development of user- and market-oriented innovation methods

If you are interested in our research results and/or in collaborating with us, please feel free to contact us.