GeoSmartChange – Digital transformation through georeferenced image and laser data of the Smart Region

Many administrative procedures in municipalities and concerns of citizens require up-to-date knowledge of the concrete local conditions in a city. In this context, the digital capture of the surroundings by means of image acquisition through recording vehicles now offers a market-ready solution which, by means of appropriate camera technology, makes it possible to create a high-resolution, accurately measured and georeferenced "digital twin" with 360-degree panoramic images of the urban area.

However, the development of these efficiency potentials to the city administrations on basis of these recordings requires an intensive analysis of the barriers (technical, economic, legal, organisational, competencies of employees) and a flanking change management process. To date, more than 100 possible applications for such georeferenced panorama pictures are known, so that a comparative evaluation of implementation efforts and success potential is necessary in order to prioritize implementation. There is also a need for further research and development to improve the self-learning, automatic object detection.

This is where the "GeoSmartChange" project comes in with the aim of developing the adaptation of this new solution on a pilot basis within the Emscher-Lippe digital model region. The intensive exchange between the local administrations should be exemplary for a change process to a Smart Region, which can also be transferred to other fields and regions.

Thus, in the future, local authorities will be able to carry out administrative tasks in the planning and approval area directly from their desks and thus at the click of a mouse, based on the newly acquired database. In addition, approval procedures such as the review of a relocation-related parking area blockage can be effectively and easily evaluated in the future by analyzing the situation with the help of a 360-degree panoramic view on the PC. This will significantly reduce the workload of municipal employees, whose work flow will no longer be interrupted by on-site appointments.

It is to be expected that “GeoSmartChange” will have a very positive effect on internal administrative work processes, from which in the end both the employees of the municipalities and their inhabitants will benefit.


Toni Reichert
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Duration: November 2019 – December 2021

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