“LOUISE – Logistics and Innovative Services in Urban Areas, Using the Example of the Emscher-Lippe-Area"

Growing settlement of people in cities, globalization, demographic change and digitization lead to changed living conditions and a changed consumer behavior in urban areas. The retailer is losing its customers to the online-market and the logistics is struggling with crowded streets. At the same time, our environment and our life quality suffer. To safe jobs even under those conditions, to act towards the climate change and to keep life quality in the city up on a high level, new arrangements need to be taken. Thus, the project “LOUISE” uses the city of Bottrop to connect logistics and the online-based movement of goods. The goal is to reduce emissions, support the local economy and allow the city’s inhibitions an easier access to individual logistic services.

Thanks to the direct connection to logistic services offered by the platform, new opportunities for supplying the city arise. The customer will be able to decide if he wants to pick up the delivery at a pick-up station or if the delivery should be sent directly to the home address. At the same time, the environment should be treated sustainable. Therefore, deliveries are made with sustainable vehicles (eCargoBike, E-Car) and routes are minimized by bundling orders in a City-Hub. Besides shortened routes, same-day delivery becomes possible. Especially regarding the aging population and the workforce, new opportunities arise.

“LOUISE” will be taking place in Bottrop, a city known for a settled south and a rural north. Thus, the city offers perfect conditions to not only improve city logistics, but also invent strategies for more rural areas. Success and failure will be visible and adaptable right away, thanks to this “real laboratory”. We are happy to work with our regional partners “Spedition Rottbeck”, “Stadt Bottrop” and “news media Druck und Werbung e.V.” as well as we are happy to call “LGI Logistics Group International GmbH” (business unit: pakadoo) and the Fraunhofer-Institute for Material Flow and Logistics our partners.

The project is financed by the Ministry of Energy in the context of the focal point of support “Smart Service Welt II”.


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